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Gold Coast Attractions: Dracula’s – A Restaurant Cabaret to Die For

If you’ve made your way to the Gold Coast, you’ve probably seen the brochures everywhere regarding the vampire cabaret show available every night at Dracula’s. And, if you’re like me, you thought, “Wow, that is probably the cheesiest thing ever,” upon first glance. I mean, seriously, a vampire cabaret show… really? Can this truly be anything worth attending?

Easy answer: YES!

Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant
1 Hooker Blvd
Broadbeach Queensland 4218
(07) 5575 1000

Getting Tickets
To get tickets, the cheapest being $88 AUD, you will need to phone the ticket office ahead of time to reserve a space with your credit card. They suggest at least a few hours beforehand, but in the busy season, you might have to make it a few days. This price covers entrance, the show and a 3-course dinner. Drinks are not included, but they are moderately priced given the monopoly at hand ($5 for a glass of champagne).

6pm Arrival
The evening starts around 6pm when most people start arriving. Groups are slowly let into the building, where you are then free to roam around and get drinks at the bar. You will definitely want to spend a little bit of time in this place just taking in the Halloween type vibe and checking out the cool décor. Even the bar glows, so do arrive on the early side.

When it’s finally time to start making your way to the dining room, you don’t just walk there. Nope, at Dracula’s you get to ride there in style on a spooky train.

Dinner & Show
Once in the dining room, the food will start being served while a house band plays a range of songs. Eventually, the real show will begin, featuring comedy, music, singing and more. But, do be aware: this is not a venue for everyone. The comedy can be a bit on the rude side, and they do recommend the show is for ages 13 and up for a reason. I do believe I heard the waitress ask a little girl if she wanted cocaine… I mean coke.

11pm Escape
If all goes as planned, you will laugh and enjoy yourself up until around 11pm for a wonderful night out! To learn more about Dracula’s, take a look at the official website.

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