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Photo Essay: Top 6 Beaches in Australia

With thousands of kilometers of shoreline surrounding the entire country, is it really possible to pick the top 6 beaches in Australia? I have been given the task, and I’ve gone back and forth on how I should choose for this post because… well… some beaches are great for certain things where others might be lacking. Do I go for most secluded? Best surf? Most populated or best location?

Australia has beaches coming out of its ears, so I turned to my Twitter and Facebook followers for assistance when choosing the top 6:


Cape Tribulation

Cape Tribulation beach is both an adventure to get to and a relaxing getaway at once. You’ll drive through miles of jungle encased roads and lush tropical rainforest to make your way to this oasis where, once there, you can feel as though you are miles away from civilization. The Daintree Rainforest backdrop provides the perfect contrast to the blue, blue waters from the shores in front. Learn about Cape Tribulation, how you can self-drive from Port Douglas and where to book a cheap hostel while there.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is a stretch of coast that lies outside of Broome in Western Australia, a place in this massive country that even few Australians get to reach. If you make it here, you will be blown away by pure beach bliss, spectacular sunsets and maybe even a popular camel ride or two.

Bondi Beach

Did you think I could list the top beaches in Australia and NOT mention Bondi Beach? Bondi is popular for many reasons: the layout, the location right near a major city, the surf and the crowd. There’s a place where the “cool kids” like to hang out, and that place is Bondi. Learn about how to get to Bondi Beach and the cheap hotels you can book right next to it.

Turquoise Bay

If you’ve seen photos of beach goers swimming in perfectly clear water, then you may have seen a photo of Turquoise Bay. This beach is located near Exmouth (the area known for whale sharks) over in Western Australia, right on the Ningaloo Reef. Spend the day snorkeling in the midst of coral and unique fish.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is located on the sun-kissed Whitsunday Island, situated right on the Great Barrier Reef. This beach is known for its crystal white sands made of almost pure silica, which creates a picture-perfect view. Learn more about the Whitsundays and how you can sail the Whitsunday Islands.

Dendy Street Beach

Dendy Street Beach is a great beach because it is located near a major city: Melbourne. This beach, in the Brighton area, is known for its iconic bathing boxes that line the shores in a colorful row, and which now have become a major tourist attraction (it makes great photos).

Other responses for best beaches in Australia were Greens Pool in WA, Shelly Beach, Redhead Beach, One Mile Beach, Mooney Beach, Stanley Beach and Rainbow Beach. There are seriously too many to choose from in Australia, but if you have a favorite beach, feel free to leave the name in the comments below!

Photo credit: Cape Trib, Cable Beach, Bondi Beach, Turquoise Bay, Whitehaven Beach, Dendy Beach.