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My Aussie Christmas 2010 in Photos

Merry Christmas! I’m wishing you all the best holiday wherever you may be in the world, all the way from Sydney, Australia!

Where I am now, it is officially Boxing Day, the day after Christmas, but I thought I would take the time to share what a typical December 25th might be like in Australia. This is my second Christmas down under, and I’m still not used to celebrating the holidays in a country that doesn’t even see snow. However, I can’t complain at being able to relax out in the summer sun with a couple of cold ones.

Kangaroo Santa:

kangaroo santa

The Christmas tree:

christmas tree

Look, no coat:

brooke in sun

My pressies:


Delicious chocolate reindeer:

chocolate reindeer

Notice the sunshine (and Christmas traffic):

brooke in car

Prawn lunch:


Lychees for dessert:


Angel in the glorious sunshine:


Our esky filled with refreshing goodies:


And, that’s it for where I am. How did you celebrate your Christmas Day?