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Amazing Australia: 10 MORE Great Images from Travelers & People Living There

It’s that time again to showcase this country through some of the photos submitted by you wonderful readers. Yes, Australia is big, and there really is just no way one person can capture and share it’s beauty. To help with this dilemma, I have started the Amazing Australia photo segment, 10 photos of which are presented below!


sydney harbour bridge and opera house
A great view of the two Sydney icons: the Opera House and the Harbor Bridge. This photo was taken from a ferry headed to Darling Harbor. Submitted by Amanda of A Dangerous Business.

The Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are two of Sydney’s main attractions. You can listen to a concert in one, and climb on the other, but one thing is certain: you won’t be sorry that you did either.


erskine falls
Erskine Falls in Lorne Victoria. I took this picture during my hike down the path that is noted as “Advanced Hikers Only” and it was SO worth it! Submitted by Jade of Travelling Tiger.

Jade was lucky that her decision to take the advanced route worked out for the best. Some hikes in Australia can be a bit on the strenuous side as this article on hiking Uluru warns.


north stradbroke island
I took this two-minute exposure of Main Beach on North Stradbroke Island around this time last year. Submitted by Kristin of A Pair of Boots and a Backpack.

North Stradbroke Island is one of many popular islands in Australia. It is a great day-trip destination for people in Brisbane looking to get away from the city.


sea turtle
The green turtle I saw while snorkeling at Michaelmas Cay last month. Submitted by Kristin of A Pair of Boots and a Backpack.

You don’t have to go diving in Australia to see amazing things underwater. Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef put me face to face with some amazing sights, just as it brought Kristen up-close to this sea turtle at Michaelmas Cay.


blue mountains
In the Blue Mountains outside the Jenolan Caves on Easter morning. Submitted by Lauren of The Life that Broke.

The Blue Mountains is a popular day-trip from Sydney made popular by the blue tinge they take as the eucalyptus oil evaporates into the air. The Jenolan Caves is a great attraction, but the mountain towns themselves, such as Katoomba, definitely have their draw. To get here from Sydney, take a train to Katoomba, and then a bus to the caves.


uluru morning hike
A group hits the trail to complete the 9k base walk around Uluru at sunrise. Submitted by Heather of There’s No Place Like Oz.

Uluru is one of Australia’s Outback World Heritage locations and a top destination for tourists on any excursion to Australia. For a real adventure, try a tour that has you sleeping in a swag at night nearby.


cooktown sunset
Sunset in Cooktown. Submitted by Heather of There’s No Place Like Oz.

Cooktown is a small town in the Far North Queensland area made famous because of James Cook’s first landing. Cooktown offers visitors beautiful surrounds, amazing sunsets and the chance to take a nice Aboriginal tour. You can drive to Cooktown from Cairns (4.5 hours), or take a 30 minute flight.


garden of eden
This was taken in the Garden of Eden during my hike through King’s Canyon. Submitted by Nancy of Nancy Under the Stars.

King’s Canyon is one of the stops on most Australian tours that run the circuit from Alice Springs to Uluru, and most would say it is one of the must-see memorable experiences of Australia. Then again, what isn’t?


paronella park
Paronella Park under the night sky. Submitted by Dina of Vagabond Quest.

Paronella Park is about an hour south of Cairns when driving in Australia, and there are signs and brochures lighting the way. Seen as possibly just another tourist attraction, Paronella Park actually has an interesting story behind its existence – Jose Paronella was fulfilling a dream.


melbourne sunset
Melbourne sunset over the Yarra River. Submitted by Linda of Journey Jottings.

Melbourne is Sydney’s counterpart when it comes to cities people love to visit when in Australia. The Yarra River, as seen in this photo, flows past many of the city’s most beautiful locations. If you would like to experience this city for yourself, why not look into a budget flight to Melbourne?

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