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Drawn to Interesting Patterns and Designs: A Perth Photo Post

When I get somewhere new, I generally like to get the feel of the place by taking a good walk around. After being on the Indian Pacific train for 3 days, my good walk around Perth was much needed, so I grabbed my camera and set off. What I quickly realized when making the rounds was how unique many of the buildings were — some with ornate, Victorian style designs and others with cubic designs. But it didn’t just stop there. Even some of the plants and shrubbery took on an interesting look.

My eyes were on overload that first walk through Perth, so I thought I’d share some of the photos showing just what I mean:

Downtown Perth

perth downtown

Miss Maud Hotel

miss maud hotel
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The Shadow of a Palm

perth shadow

The Swan Bells Tower

perth swan bells tower

A Unique Tree

Perth Council Hotel

perth council hotel
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A Bamboo Garden

perth bamboo

A Cute Building

perth white green house

Perth City YHA

perth yha
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A Perth Street

Walking around Perth is one of the best activities you can do in the city, but just be sure to wear some sunscreen to protect yourself in the process. It wasn’t even summer when I was there and that sun was brutal. I recommend following this walk up with an afternoon stop at Kings Park.

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