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Day Trips from Perth

Perth is the Western Australia capital and most populous city, so if you want to be around people when you head to the west, Perth is a great destination. Besides being a laid-back city on the coast with lovely sea breezes and a hot climate, Perth has loads to offer in the vicinity as well. I’m pretty sure you’ll find that your cheap flight to Perth is well worth it after inspecting this list of even more things to do in Perth, but as a day trip!

rottnest island

Rottnest Island

Rotto is located just off the coast from Perth, and you can get there either taking a 90 minute ferry ride or a 12 minute flight. Rottnest Island is known for being a beautiful little oasis with pristine beaches and awesome scenery. Animal lovers will delight over being able to hang out with the quokkas, some funny and cute little squirrel-like marsupials. Once there, you can simply lounge on the beaches or take up a bicycle ride around the island. Since it is known as a Reserve (the island), you will have to pay a daily visit fee of $15 for adults, but this will be included in the price of your ferry.


Freo is located just a 20 minute drive south of Perth, and it makes for an awesome escape from city life. Being a quite historic town, there is an interesting mix of architecture and historic sites to check out, like the old Fremantle Prison. Fremantle is located just near the Swan River, so you can be sure to take a relaxing cruise there, or just relax at one of the open-air cafes and restaurants around town.

The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles Desert is part of the Nambung National Park, located just about a 3 hour drive to the north of Perth. Still, it is doable as a day trip if you are able to make it a full day out. The Pinnacles Desert is known for its amazing rock features that stick up out of the sand like spires, adding a somewhat spooky vibe to the environment. You’ll either need a 4WD vehicle suitable for unsealed roads, or you’ll have to join a tour group to take advantage. If you’re looking for a picnic area, then be sure to check out Kangaroo Point or Hangover Bay.

Swan Valley

If your idea of a day trip is stopping off at wineries or having picnics in the middle of beautiful surrounds, then a trip to the Swan Valley is in order. It is really only 25 minutes away from Perth, and there are activities there to keep you busy. Swan Valley is home to wineries, breweries, great restaurants and even Aboriginal culture tours.

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John Forrest National Park

You can get to the John Forrest National Park by driving a half hour east of Perth. Once there, you can picnic, hike and bask in waterfalls. It’s a great place for horseback riding and mountain biking, and you can even camp there if you decide to extend your stay. Otherwise, take note of the peace in nature before driving back to Perth.

Margaret River

Just like getting to the Pinnacles, a day trip to the Margaret River will take about 3 hours driving in the opposite direction from Perth. If planning a day trip to this area, you will want to start early. When you get to the Margaret River area, you can partake in wine tastings, explore caves at the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park or enjoy the awesome surf.

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