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Darwin- Dress Guidelines

While the climate is tropical this is not a resort town. Darwin is still a city and the most metropolitan one around. The dress is casual…kind of…
I was generally surprised at how non-casual the dress was. I brought some fun tropical-location-loungewear- however, upon walking down the street, I instantly realized it would not be appropriate to wear into many places and ended up having to buy a few essential clothing items.

While feel free to wear summer friendly clothing…just ensure it is clean and smart. Dress regulations apply at many restaurants and clubs- disallowing thongs (flip flops…”thongs” still makes me giggle), and singlets (tank tops). The night clubs expected normal nightclub wear. As a guideline- I would feel comfortable wearing anything I would normally wear out in a city such as Sydney to the same types of places in Darwin. Use best judgement, just don’t be caught off guard.

Sunscreen, insect repellant, a sarong/towel and a water bottle are the requirements for most organized tours- (they are also just a good idea even for walking around town.) All of these items are readily available all over Darwin should the need arise.

Hats- it is a very good idea to bring a hat to the northern territory- if you don’t have one you will probably need to buy one if you plan on doing much beach time or outdoor sightseeing. Come on…you know you’ve always wanted to buy a Safari Hat! Seriously though- a hat does make a huge difference. There is a good hat store next to the Red Cross “Op Shop” (very good “second hand shop” by the way) on Knuckey St. As one local radio DJ put it- “in Darwin- the sun doesn’t burn you- it will roast you”.