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Australia- Moving in on a budget!

varietyOK- so you’ve arrived into Australia and you need to buy a few housekeeping items- Tupperware, toilet paper, cleaners, extension cords, etc. The first thing you will notice is how ridiculously expensive all the things are in the stores you are used to going to such as Target.

Instead of going broke- Try going to the “variety shops” these little shops known elsewhere in the world as dollar stores are the Aussie answer to this housekeeping quandry. The little shops are everywhere, almost every little shopping center has one. You can spot them not only by their signs but by the selection of plastic containers, baby clothes, and other bric a brac outside. Excellent for basic kitchen, bathroom, personal needs, and other touches such as throw blankets and candles. Most items are about half or less of what you would pay in the other stores. If you can’t be bothered to do laundry- these places generally sell cheap underware and in coastal areas: swim suits and towels as well. Also good for cleaning supplies, paper goods, and all of the cheesy Australiana souvinirs you need. Flip flops, socks, air freshner, tools, art supplies, etc. it is all there.