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Aussie Exports to Look for- Judy Prosser

Aboriginal art in the Northern Territory, and indeed in most markets around Australia everywhere. As an art form, it stands out for its unique interpretation of the world and its forms.

It is also avilable in every form imaginable – on tea towels, coffee mugs, playing cards and anything else that will hold still long enough to put dots on. I will count myself unschooled in the intricacies and details that make up the inheriant beauty of aboriginal art. However, though not an aborigial herself, Judy Prosser creates images of aboriginal life that are trully stunningly motion and emotion filled. She has lived amongst the remote areas of Australia and captures the feel and soul of the things so important to the areas, community, the landscape, the wildlife, and most importantly she captures the strength of spirit. Keep a look out for her products. Her art is of aboriginal subject matter but has captured life with motion. When I first saw one of her prints on exhibit at the Mindil Beach Markets in Darwin- I actually gasped for breath. Her prints capture joy, sadness, movement, and portray true soul. Outstanding and touching