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Northern Territory- Jabiru

A milestone corner of The Triangle, Jabiru is little more than a company town designed to support the local Uranium mining operation. It is also considered the entrance to Kakadu Park. The township is little more than a jumping off point for package tours and its amenities are basically limited to a Caravan Parks, a hotel, a travel agent, Council Office, Grocery Store, Café and Gas Station.

The Hotels and even caravan parks are standard facilities with above standard prices. I paid $134 for a private room in a hostel lodge that had shared bathroom facilites. Now I am fine with shared amenities… but for $134 I think that is a bit rich. The other options are limited including the infamous Holiday Inn that is shaped like a Crocodile. Their price for a room was $253 per night. At any rate- if you can stomach $35 for an unpowered tent camping site there are many tours and activities based in Jabiru. If anything, Jabiru is worth a day stop and a good place to refuel.

The township is little more than a travel agent, Council office, Grocery Store, café and Gas Station. The highlight of the area is the local Airport and Park Ranger station that has displays and offers free Ranger talks on several topics. Pick up information on the talk schedules all over town. There is cell phone coverage and a few places to access the internet.