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Northern Territory- “Doing The Triangle”

dsc00051.JPG When visiting the Northern Territory- a very common route is called The Triangle This is basically Darwin to Jabiru to Pine Creek or Katherine and back up to Darwin via Litchfied Park. When taking on this Great driving route many people are apprehensive envisioning vast kilometers of nothingness.

While it is advisable to take normal travel precautions- to put your mind at ease- there is a little Road House and/or Petrol station every 40-100 kilometers.

If you are driving- you should still be prepared- refueling when appropriate, carrying water, etc. The roads of “The Triangle” are well paved, well travelled and well populated. The Aussies have a campaign called Driver Reviver. They suggest all drivers stop every 1-2 hours to refresh. dsc03305.JPGThe Aussie roads are generally windy and not as straight and easy to navigate as those in other countries (the source of much debate and discussion with many of my North American colleagues). The revivers are a great idea. Basically the Driver is entitled to a free coffee or tea and sometimes a snack. The coffee is generally instant but- it is the thought that counts.

Mary River Road House is one such stop just outside the southern gates of Kakadu. They are a caravan park/lodge/camping area with a Bar/Bistro/gas and grocery stop. These combinations are plentiful in the remote areas. Kakadu does not allow alcohol, so if you need a fix- you can pop over to Mary River. I did not stay at the Mary River Road House- but have heard good reviews from others that have. The staff is friendly and helpful. dsc03311.JPG