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Sydney- Northern Beaches -Cafe Ibiza!

ibiza A trip up the Northern Beaches is not complete without a trip to Avalon. Famous for the worlds slowest pedestrians- Avalon works on its own sense of time. Unconcerned and unhurried pedestrians wreak havoc with the local traffic. A spectacular place to watch the ensuing pandemonium of overly polite drivers and unrushed pedestrians is from Café Ibiza.

White walls with Blue trim and tiled floors settle you into the Medeterainian feel of their relaxed dining area. The covered patio and dining room are equally pleasant. The food is amazing as witnessed by our plates which were- had it not been for basic social decorum- licked clean. We shared a ravishing eggs benedict and the house specialty- the open face breakfast sandwich. Poached egg, tomato, onion, ham and plenty of seasoning were sautéed and lathered over a piece of Turkish toast. They were more than happy to cater for my coeliac needs by altering the eggs beni order and they also had several pastry options.

Later after a long and fruitful day of lounging at the beach we returned and had their nachos. Amazing! They offer a movie and a meal deal for $36/person which includes a main, movie ticket to the theatre 2 doors down, coffee and a desert. The coffee and desert may even be enjoyed after the show if you prefer! In the Spanish tradition, service is in line with the unhurried pedestrians, they take their time. But if you are not in a hurry- the atmosphere is ‘chill-axed’ with Jack Johnson playing on the soundsystem and the food phenomenal. They roast their own coffee. 47 Old Barrenjoey Road 02 9918 3965 ibiza 2