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Eden, Australia, The Crown and Anchor

dsc02673.JPGYes, there is actually a place called Eden, and for the people of Australia there is no surprise that it is a coastal town on this fabulous continent. Located in the region known as the Sapphire Coast of New south Wales, it is a half way point between Sydney and Melbourne. A small coastal town, it has a views to take your breath away, shops and a town center oozing with charm, interesting walks, a hilariously sinister history, and a gory-bloody-killer legend that keeps all factions happy (for those that don’t like charming little kitschy towns). The Killer by the way a whale….
BUT!!!! the literal crown jewel of the town is the The Crown and Anchor historic Bed and Breakfast. A renovated hotel from 1840, it is one of the original buildings and is lush! Not on a backpacker budget, but also not as expensive as you would think. That said, it was EXCELLENT value for the money spent. In fact- one of the few places I’ve ever stayed in my life that I would say- absolutely worth every cent.
The owners have lovingly remodeled the property with period pieces but have thoughtfully included nice modern bathrooms and a kitchen to compliment the 1840’s grace. Plush four poster beds and champagne await you on arrival. Hot tea, cocoa and an assortment of Ports are available for your late night enjoyment. Unlike some B&B’s which creep me out, you have your own bathroom, and most importantly, plenty of privacy from your fellow boarders.

I arrived quite late at night while on a business trip. The Hostess was sooooo wonderful, she lit a fire, poured me a glass of bubbly and made me a plate of cheese, fruit and can you believe it…Gluten Free crackers upon request!!!! Now that is service.
The views from the front and back balconies of the property overlook different bodies of water, one being the ocean the other the harbour, allowing you to welcome sunrise and wave goodnight to sunset. You can’t lose. During October and November you can watch the whales migrate in you pajamas while sipping a cup of coffee on the veranda.
dsc02681.JPGThe Crown and Anchor has been featured on such high profile travel shows as Getaway. It is absolutely as good as it is portrayed.
Crown and Anchor
239 Imlay Street
Eden, NSW 2551
02 6496 1017,