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Bathurst Driving Circuit, Mount Panorama

dsc00470.JPGDo you feel the need for speed? Easter Weekend sees lovely Bathurst turn into a motor revving, testosterone fuelled metropolis when the Bathurst International Motor Festival rolls into town. The oldest inland settlement, Bathurst, on the far side of the Blue Mountains, is always a picturesque little town. It also happens to be home to the very famous Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit which is is 6.213 kilometres in length, 874 metres above sea level and has grades of up to 1 in 6.13.
The track is a public road for the majority of the year and heartbreakingly, for the weekend Shumachers in all of us, regular road rules apply (incl.2 way traffic and a 60km/hr speed limit). It is 174 metres from the bottom of the circuit (Pit Straight) to the top of Skyline, “as the crow flies”. Race direction (during major events) is anti-clockwise
If you get a chance to visit Bathurst, you have to go drive the circuit and see that for being a major international racing circuit, it has over 40 private residences, luxury accommodation, a winery, restaurant and a fruit orchard, just in case you need to take a pit stop and sample a chardonnay.