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Australian Lifesaving, an Exhibit in Darling Harbour

dsc01558.JPGCome on Come on, Come on Come on… you know you’ve got a thing for those Aussie LifeSavers! You see them on the beaches-cute little yellow and red swim caps, authoritative swagger and all. For over a 100 years before Australia’s newest Reality TV show Bondi Beach Patrol (or something like that), The Aussie Lifesavers have been not only an icon to the world, they’ve actually helped save lives and create the beach culture in Australia.
The National Museum of Australia Canberra is hosting an exhibit entitled Between the Flags- 100 years of Lifesaving Zip on down to the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour before April 29th to gain an insight into the lives of Australia’s dedicated lifesavers. Come see how patroling the beaches has changed over one hundred years. I reckon this exhibit will be really cool featuring real life equipment and beefy pictures of 1950’s bronzed Aussie Battlers….
Free Entry
9:30-5pm daily
Call 02 9298 3777 or go to for further details