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Yarra River Walk: A Free Thing to Do in Melbourne

melbourne yarra riverThe city of Melbourne was started from the banks of the Yarra River, a river that runs through central Victoria and is now a main focal point of the city. A nice, leisurely walk along the Yarra River is a good choice for free things to do in Melbourne because it helps visitors get a true escape from the city, exercise, take a peek at art and relax (it’s vacation after all!).

The Yarra Valley Precinct is known as the arts and culture area of Melbourne. There is even a great arts walk that takes you around the river to follow and spend an afternoon or a day completing. If you’re in the city, you should head down to the Southgate part of town and around the bits and pieces of artsy flair to the Southbank, Northbank and on to Federation Square.

street art yarra river
Street art near the Yarra River.

If you escape the area of Southgate, the part that is built up with concrete and tall buildings, and head east, you will enter an area known as King’s Domain. It is here that you can walk along the Yarra River with surroundings of park land because of the Royal Botanic Gardens. For those that need a nice city escape, the Royal Botanic Gardens are a quick and easy way to accomplish the task.

Bring a bike, or your running shoes, and enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes in this city getaway.

melbourne yarra bike path
The shore of the Yarra River is great for a bike ride.
melbourne yarra running path
The Yarra River is a peaceful running companion.

Hanging out next to the Yarra River is a great free thing to do in Melbourne. Be sure to check out other things to do in Melbourne on your visit.

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