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Street Markets in Melbourne

street-marketsMelbourne, Victoria is home to a variety of street markets, each representing the life and traditions of the city.

Melbourne comprises a mesmerizing blend of fashion and glamor, various ethnic groups as well as sub-cultures. Enthusiasm for foods, good music and life are the things that unite them. Mix this with the outdoor climate of Melbourne and you are sure to obtain an affluent market culture.

The total number of street markets in Melbourne is overwhelming. For many Melbourne residents, going to these markets already plays an important role in their lives. Below are only four among this abundance.

Greville Street Market

Formerly a refuge for fringe residents, Greville Street has now become really trendy in then past years. The street market is at its best when its activities open every Sunday. You can find art, craft, candles, cards, fashion, jewelry, knick-knacks, hats, hand made soap, second hand merchandise, novelty items and books in abundance. If you enjoy reading your fortune, get tarot cards reading. You can also enjoy several healthy snacks from the fantastic selection of available foods. Otherwise, you can just simply wander around.

Rose Street Artists Market

If you are fascinated by art and craft, Rose Street Artists Market is the place for you. The market is open each Saturday in assorted and bohemian Fitzroy.

Rose Street Artists Market is inspired by similar markets in Berlin, London and New York and allows artists and crafts individuals to prevent bulky commissions and trade their creations straightly to the public.

Every week, you can find over seventy best local artists and designers showcasing their original, creative and authentic goods. All over the year, there are over 400 contributing designers and artists, which make the place ideal to revisit once again.

Elizabeth Street- Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is not only the shopping Mecca of Melbourne, it is also a historic sight, an attraction and a part of tradition for the residents of Melbourne. This huge and dynamic center for commerce and trade was opened in the year 1878 and has already served a lot of customers’ needs for over 120 years.

Apart from being famous with locals, this market is now considered one of the primary attractions in Melbourne with thousands of tourists visiting the market on their vacation.

The market is open Tuesday and Thursday at 6am to 2pm, Friday at 6am to 5pm, Saturday from 6am until 3pm and Sunday from 9am to 4pm. Queen Victoria Market is closed each Monday and Wednesday and during major holidays.

Camberwell Sunday Market

If you are looking for second hand merchandise, treasure and trash, you can go to Camberwell Sunday Market. It is located only 20 minutes east of the city , close to the railway station.