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September in Melbourne- Events, Weather and Travel Tips

_september-melbourneA great variety of events are waiting for you in Melbourne in September. No matter the season, Melbourne is bustling with concerts, exhibitions, festivals, sporting events and theater. Attracting guests from different regions of the country and around the world, Melbourne’s busy activities each September are sure to be exciting.

September Events in Melbourne

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week – This is one of the huge and most admired consumer fashion activities in the country, drawing more than 30,000 individuals all through the week of fashion festivities. The fashion week celebrates the coming of spring and summer collections and indicates the Spring Racing Carnival. This activity is a celebration of design, shopping and fashion, accepting the color, excitement and joy of the coming warm season. Melbourne Spring Fashion Week runs between Sept 1 and 6.

Royal Melbourne Show – This is definitely an annual event that should not be missed! The show features livestock and animals, amusement rides, high-quality food and wine, live entertainment, show bags, fabulous fireworks and a lot more. It brings the finest of the country to the metropolis, for pure fun, wonder and discovery. The show will takes place between Sept 17 and 27.

Melbourne Fringe Festival – This festival celebrates each crevice and corner of arts space in the city. Composed of three main components, Melbourne Fringe Festival is your lead to the most avant-garde art in Melbourne. The main purpose of this event is to bring the most modern, trendsetting and new work made by independent artists to wider audience in Melbourne. The event lasts between Sept 23 and Oct 1.

Australian Football League Finals – While in Melbourne, you must not fail to witness the amazing climax of the 22-week incredible competition in the AFL Finals. The Australian Football League Finals offers absolute ambiance and thrill and definitely is a special Australian experience. The final takes place on Sept 26.

September Weather in Melbourne

September is the first spring month. Spring is known as the most irregular season of each year. During just couple of days the weather can turn from sunny, warm and calm to windy, cold and rainy. September in Melbourne is also a windy month.

Avg. high 62.96 ºF/17.2ºC
Avg. low 46.22 ºF/7.9 ºC
Avg. precipitation 2.30 inches/5.85 cm

Fog is unusual. It rains more often compared to winter. There will be days with only a bit light rain or drizzle although heavy rain may also fall occasionally. So pack accordingly and don’t forget your rain gear.

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Getting Here

Spring in Melbourne is an excellent time to book flights to this city. And because September is not a peak season in Melbourne, you are sure to locate airlines that offer great deals and discount airfares. So, in order to take advantage of this great deal, it pays to check ticketing outlets in advance and have your flights book beforehand.

Where to Stay

September is not a busy month for most hotels and hostels in Melbourne, so you need not to worry that much on where you will stay. Like the airlines, some hotels also offer spring break discounts and deals for their guests. In general, accommodations in Melbourne are comfortable, clean and near to facilities and are reasonably priced. You just need to check what great deals each have and grab the best one.