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Melbourne, See it all at the new Eureka Skydeck

dsc01647-1.JPGAre you going to be in Melbourne anytime after April? If so do you like to walk on the trippy side? The new Eureka Skydeck is scheduled to open next month. Yeah Yeah, you’ve done the skydeck thing before, what makes this one trippy and worth a look? Well first you’ll be in the world’s tallest residential building and you’ll have 360 degree views of Melbourne through it’s floor to ceiling glass windows.
But…and here comes the fun part…to access the deck visitors must ride the fastest lifts in the southern hemisphere which shoot up 88 floors in just 40 seconds. Whew! Whoa baby, did you forget to eat lunch? I hope so!
But Wait here comes the trippy bit….once on deck visitors can take a literal leap of faith and ride the skies in a high tech cube which will suspend you several meters away from the building. The cube then becomes completely transparent and the floor appears to disappear. Freaky! To find out more click here or call (03) 9686 1588.