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Australia Maps

Australia is a rather large country that sits in the South Pacific. It contains six states and two territories as you can see in the basic map below. Nearby lies the countries of New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to name a few. However, Australia is an island meaning it shares no borders with them, and it also makes it easy to spot on any world map.

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Australia Travel Maps

If you’re looking for something more handy, meaning something to have on you while you plan or travel to Australia, then has you covered. There are road atlases for those planning to rent a campervan or car, and street maps for those that plan to be city-bound. Here’s a list of some of the Australia maps on offer:

Another great place to look is on Amazon as they have a huge selection of both new and used books and maps to choose from. You just might be able to scored a great price for the same map.

Not what you’re looking for? National Geographic offers Australia political maps that are great for presentations and classrooms, as well as Sydney Destination Maps that are perfect for travel.

Australia Comparison Maps

A couple of good size comparison maps (vs. Europe & the United States) are available on the Apollo website. It’s easy to underestimate the size of Australia, but once you take a look at these comparisons, it is definitely clearer. I often think that tourists and backpackers should be given one of these maps as soon as they book a ticket to this country so that they are better aware of the size.