aussie moneyThe costs of traveling Australia are not known to be budget in any sense. Yes, unfortunately it is rather expensive to traverse this great land, as it is with most developed countries. However, I would say that it is worth the cost since Australia is a land full of beautiful, natural wonders.

There are also ways to save money in the land down under. Many travelers choose to camp instead of staying in Australia hostels or hotels. Self-catering as opposed to eating out is usually a cheaper option, as long as you’re not going gourmet. Drinking less alcohol and traveling during the low season are also ways to lower your travel costs.

There has been a recent shift in the power of the Aussie dollar in relation to the USD. As of 10/29/2010, $1 USD is equal to $1.03 AUD, which means they are just about the same.




Below is a list of some typical average costs in Australia, but be aware that prices in the larger cities will tend to be on the higher end.

  • Average hostel bed – $26
  • Average mid-range hotel – $120
  • Average in-country one-way flight – $175
  • Average beer at a bar – $6
  • Average case of beer – $45
  • Average glass of wine at a bar – $7
  • Average hard liquor drink at a bar – $16
  • Average mobile phone plan – $30 per month
  • Average movie at the cinema – $14
  • Average cup of coffee – $2.50
  • Average white bread loaf – $2.75
  • Average fast food – $5 to $10
  • Average dinner out – $30

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