Photos from Beerfest 2003

Ging did such a good job reporting on the events at the National Festival of Beers that there really isn’t that much for me to add. However, there are a few more photos to share and it would be a shame for them to miss out. Some highlights were:

  • The very zealous Eric from Grand Ridge Breweries who promised us an indeterminate amount of beer for all the photos we took. Still to hear from the man, so we’ll see how that turns out.
  • The inebriated crowd engaging in the quintessential Australian pasttime of dancing around the beer jug.

  • Ging doing her best to impersonate my BootsnAll bio pic.
  • How must have these ladies felt after turning up at this event wearing the same outfit. Obviously the guys aren’t too worried.
  • Random Drunk Bloke did his best to show us how to dance. RDB was amusing cos he turned up about 30 minutes later with two of his mates to “run interference” on me while he cracked on to the young Ging. I guess he thought we were together and needed a bit of help to get me out of the picture while he made his move. It was a classic bloke strategy and one I haven’t seen in action since I was last at City Rowers nearly a decade ago. Nice one!
  • Ging’s comment about the temp agency barstaff was spot on, although they were nice enough to talk to… if you didn’t actually want a beer!
  • I think I’ve found a front runner for the Australian BootBus.

Ging left off when were about to leave the beerfest, but the night wasn’t over yet. We were both in the mood for some tucker, so we walked back into the Valley, and what better post-session chow than a kebab? I went for the triple-decker meat of unidentifiable origins, while Ging went for the safer vegetarian option.




The Valley is a great place for a night out. You’ve got tons of pubs, nightclubs, coffee shops and eateries open late and the short pedestrian mall means folks can stagger about as much as they want. There’s a constant police presence so any trouble on the street doesn’t last long, and its great to be able to enjoy a coffee at the end of a long night and people-watch for awhile.

Most people wait til they get home to perhaps brush their teeth before crashing into bed after a night on the turps, but le Ging comes prepared so she can take care of it before she even gets home. Waiting in the taxi rank is the perfect place to scrub the knashers.

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