Safety Basics

General Safety
Australia is considered a safe country by Western standards. Strict gun control laws are in place and the violent crime rate is low. There are no regions in Australia that should be avoided due to safety concerns. Travelers should use common sense and avoid flashing money around or hanging out at seedy areas late at night. Watch out for pickpockets at popular tourist sites and markets.

Global Issues
In October of 2002, bombs were detonated at two popular Bali, Indonesia nightclubs. The attacks targeted Western tourists, most of whom were Australian. The Australian government supports the U.S. and U.K. �War on Terrorism�, which has angered militant groups. Like U.S. and U.K. citizens, Australian citizens have been warned to avoid problem areas. However, an attack on Australian soil is considered unlikely.

Female Safety

Australia is a popular destination for solo female backpackers. Females traveling on their own will not be harassed in cities, although some taunting may occur in the Outback, where female travelers are less common. Australian slang is quite graphic and can cause some women to feel uncomfortable. Try to remember that particularly offensive words in the U.S. and U.K. do not have the same implied meaning in Australia. As always, use common sense. Brothels and prostitution are legal in Australia, although on-street solicitations are not. However, at Sydney�s red light district in Kings Cross, police tend to look the other way. Do not choose accommodation in this area or walk around there at night if you would feel uncomfortable.




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