Today is ANZAC Day, commemorating the anniversary of Australian and New Zealand fighting forces landing in Gallipoli, Turkey 88 years ago. This one is a little different in that there are no longer any survivors from that battle in WWI. The last, 103-year-old Tasmanian Alec Campbell, died in May 2002. In fact, only nine Great War veterans, or Diggers, remain.

Let’s hope Australians never lose this sense of history on this day in the years to come.




More about ANZAC Day:

ANZAC Day happens every year on April 25th, and it is a time of commemorating the soldiers that fought in World War I, especially in the battle of Gallipoli. There are parades in the city, after which many people head to the local pubs to play legal two-up. ANZAC biscuits are an iconic Aussie food that is also popular at this time as it was a major treat for soldiers during the war.

Happy ANZAC Day!

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