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UH oh, it has been in the news lately that the flying Kangaroo has been named the flying Kangarude! Now my personal experience with them, has to this point, been very good, but thought I’d at least report both sides of the coin. Qantas has recently been named the worst international airline in a major survey with travellers. Those completing […]

Qantas vs Choice Magazine, The Flying Kangarude?

Are you stil lithe and itching for adventure, but not really up for some one doing a beer bong in the tent next to you? Come Join Exploranges Bushwalking tours for the over 50’s. Natural History Focus Personal Service Experienced guides Great food Small friendly groups Discounts for clubs Come discover some Great Australian places at your own pace with […]

Bushwalking Tours for the Over 50’s

Are you traveling with kids? A valuable learning experience for the whole family, it sometimes comes with its own special difficultires. One such difficulty is finding kid friendly venues for a feed. Sydney is a city of fabulous places to eat, and there is no reason not to experience them just because you are a party of 2.5 instead of […]

Sydney with Kids

If you are traveling or planning to travel around Australia, an extremely reliable, often overlooked and great budget option for accommodation are the local caravan parks. I would be so bold as to say 95% of Australian towns have a local caravan park. I know many of you are groaning with visions of hippies in combi vans in a run […]

Accomodation Options in Australia- Caravan Parks

It goes without saying that The Aussies are a saucy bunch, however, for your own safety, there are a few things you need to know about their management, preferences and presentation of the local food and condiments. First in yet another series of Survival Guides. First off- Ketchup- they don’t really have it. They have a similar substance called Tomato […]

Oz Survival Guide To Food- Ketchup

The last couple of weeks have seen me hitting the roads of New South Wales, so I thought I’d share a couple of observations to help a few of you first timers out there. While I do enjoy a good road trip and certainly enjoy getting out to see this country, there are a few things of which you should […]

Driving Australia, Survival Tips #1

You did it! You booked your ticket, survived the flight, and are here! You are excited and ready to meet a person who actually uses G’day as part of their everyday speech. All Right…you are still in the Airport… but here’s a few tips on how to get yourself and your luggage out as smoothly as possible. Ready, Set, Que. […]

Arrival into Australia- What you need to know about Customs

(Actual picture of someone on my flight. Never a good look is that?) Hi Guys- Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, but I ended up on a crazy emergency trip back to the States (exceptionally good reason to buy GOOD travel insurance!). Apologies over, I’m fresh off the plane and back in OZ. I know you are excited- you are […]

Arrival into Australia- What you need to know for the ...