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Are you traveling with kids? A valuable learning experience for the whole family, it sometimes comes with its own special difficultires. One such difficulty is finding kid friendly venues for a feed. Sydney is a city of fabulous places to eat, and there is no reason not to experience them just because you are a party of 2.5 instead of […]

Sydney with Kids

He He He. Get thee to The Hoochery I tell you! An absolute delight! The family owned distillery and is the oldest legal Still in WA. 15k north of Kununurra on a farming property, they distill 100 bottles of spirit per week. Tours and tastings available. The tasting room is a really warm and welcoming antique space with tasting bar, […]

The Kimberley, Cool things to see: The Hoochery

MMMMMMELT PIZZA! Yummm! The exception to the rule. (Gluten Free Pizza also Available!) Pizza in Australia is generally pretty uninspiring to those of us from other corners of the globe. For starters they don’t really put sauce on their pizza, there isn’t much salt content, which while it isn’t that good for you, it is what makes pizza tasty. The […]

Oz Survival Guide to Food- Pizza

It goes without saying that The Aussies are a saucy bunch, however, for your own safety, there are a few things you need to know about their management, preferences and presentation of the local food and condiments. First in yet another series of Survival Guides. First off- Ketchup- they don’t really have it. They have a similar substance called Tomato […]

Oz Survival Guide To Food- Ketchup

A couple of months ago I flew to Adelaide for the U2 concert. Since I was headed to the area, I was on a mission to try and experience some of the local produce both in eaten and imbibed forms. I have to relay a funny but relevant story first. This past week a van full of girls went on […]

McLaren Vale, South Australia, d’Arenbergs Winery

Calling all people with food issues! I had pizza and beer the other day for the first time in years. For most of you that is no big deal. But for those with Coeliac Disease, or those people who have a gluten intolerance (almost 1% of the population) This is HUGE! Coeliacs and others with food intolerance’s make up a […]

Travelling Australia as a Coeliac

Late last week I received an invitation to the Spalding exhibit opening at the Arthouse Hotel at 275 Pitt Street. While the invitation looked appealing, I was puzzled how they had gotten ahold of my name and address. Upon closer inspection, I noticed in very small print. A HUGE grin came to my face and I remembered a completely […]

Art and Schnapps at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney

MMMMMM! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to discover this place. One of those cool little local places tucked away in a hallway of a shopping street- it is AMAZING! Hey Coeliacs! Almost EVERYTHING on their menu is naturally Gluten Free. That is good news for those of you who eat gluten as well- The recipes they […]

Manly Beach, Places to Eat, 3 Ducks Spice Bar

Man oh Man! What a way to see the country! Mudgee is currently one of the lesser known wine regions of Australia, but it is should soon be shaking that problem. Get there before everyone else discovers what a find it is! The drinking and driving laws in Australia are extremely strict, in fact the very first thing that occurred […]

Australian Wines, Mudgee Wine Tours