It’s about time they honored something, uh, important. ARE Gold Coast meter maids culturally significant? Adoring Queenslanders believe the bikini-clad good samaritans have contributed as much to the state’s identity as the Great Barrier Reef after they were nominated as an “icon”. Bid to be cultural icons

Bid to be cultural icons

Make sure you lick through to read this article – the last line about where he beer was is priceless. An Australian man is recovering from a close brush with death after surviving a fall of nearly 30 metres into a ravine in East Vancouver on Tuesday. The man, who had been drinking, climbed up onto a railing over the […]

Young man survives ravine plunge

Tsk tsk tsk – now, it’s your parents that you have to watch out for! One in four Australian parents regularly “borrow” money from their children’s piggy banks to pay for anything from bread to luxury holidays, a survey said Wednesday. Mums are more than twice as likely to raid their children’s savings than dad, with 35 percent of mothers […]

Parents pinch pennies from piggy banks

More animals and Oz! Check out this Rodent Along on a Wave CURLY shows surfing is mice work if you can get it. He regularly rides the waves of Australia’s Gold Coast with pals Harry, Chopsticks and Bunsen.

Rodent Along on a Wave

My, my. Some Australian animals have been getting some attention in the past few days. In one of the more amusing stories I’ve seen in awhile, a koala set to be stolen and exchanged for drugs scratched the hell out of its potential captors. In turn, the thieves took to the friendlier species: a freshwater croc. And yesterday, a crazy […]

Animals in the News

Although it didn’t happen in Australia, it’s too funny not to mention. Wisconsin, home of cheese, deer and mind-numbingly cold temperatures, was also the host of one ‘on-the-loose’ kangaroo. Although WI drivers are more familiar with striking deer, kangaroos have a similar affinity for bright lights, as one driver discovered. Wisconsin Driver Strikes, Kills Stray Kangaroo

Wisconsin Driver Strikes, Kills Stray Kangaroo

The subject isn’t a joking matter, but the result definitely is: An Australian bus driver who called police after he found a package on his bus which emitted a strange sound when touched was left red-faced when it turned out to be a novelty store cushion. . Whoops! From What looked funny sounded funny

What looked funny sounded funny

The next new destination in Australia isn’t another beach, marine wildlife or party hot spot – it’s the mining town of Coober Pedy in the Outback. Many of the dwellings are underground – a novel draw for backpackers. This opal bearing town of 3500 is still a quick get-rich destination with a multi-ethnic culture. 60 percent of the population are […]

Visit the real Down Under in Coober Pedy