Are you in Australia and looking for something unique and different to do? Right up there with the Lightning Ridge Great Goat Races and the Parkes Elvis Festival, The Birdsville Races are quintessentially Aussie. The Aussies looooove their horse racing. The glamour, the excitement, the money, the thunder of the hooves, and the cold refreshment of the booze. Birdsville is […]

Outback Australia, The Birdsville Races

Care to cuddle a koala? There are a couple of opportunities in the Sydney area and up around Brisbane. The Koala Park Sanctuary in Pennant Hills is reachable by car, train and bus from Sydney. Horrifying to most, during the 1920’s , there was a growing export trade in Koala fur. One man,Noel Burnett, was alarmed enough by the rate […]

Cuddle a Koala, Australian Wildlife Experience

Hello all of you out there in TV land! Only about 2 hours from Sydney, the Hunter Valley is one of the most publicized wine regions in Australia. As far as wine goes, the Hunter generally produces quite enjoyable and popular varieties. Wine aside, most importantly to many people, it provides a great romantic get away. I know loads of […]

Hunter Valley Tours, a few options

Well folks it is finally here- marked by a cold rainy day in Sydney, the opening weekend of the Australian snow fields has arrived! And appropriate it is, that they are called snow fields instead of the snow mountains. ahem…. For all my good natured scoffing, there is plenty of fun to be had at the snow here. If you […]

Australian Snow fields- Opening Weekend!

Are you in Sydney and need to get out of the paved jungle? If you head just a little south- you’ll feel like you are on another planet entirely. Instead of pavement…you’ll be surrounded by nature! The Royal National Park established in 1879, it is now about 16,000 hectares of National Parkland– and just stones throw from Sydney! Can you […]

Royal National Park, Ferry Service

He He He. Get thee to The Hoochery I tell you! An absolute delight! The family owned distillery and is the oldest legal Still in WA. 15k north of Kununurra on a farming property, they distill 100 bottles of spirit per week. Tours and tastings available. The tasting room is a really warm and welcoming antique space with tasting bar, […]

The Kimberley, Cool things to see: The Hoochery

OK, The individual who pointed out it is a LOOONG way between electrical power points in the Kimberley is absolutely right. Durning my last couple of weeks up there, I have to admit, I was forced to drink a few marginally Kimberley cold beers from my cooler at the end of the day. Any hooo, the real story here today: […]

The Kimberley, Visit the Bungle Bungles

Come on Come on, Come on Come on… you know you’ve got a thing for those Aussie LifeSavers! You see them on the beaches-cute little yellow and red swim caps, authoritative swagger and all. For over a 100 years before Australia’s newest Reality TV show Bondi Beach Patrol (or something like that), The Aussie Lifesavers have been not only an […]

Australian Lifesaving, an Exhibit in Darling Harbour

This is a picture of Amigo’s Castle in Lightning Ridge. Quirky and independent, Lightning Ridge has long been known as a… ahem…shall we say…unique place? I’ve been told by one long time resident of Wellington that Byron Bay used to be considered drop out country but now it was just a big tourist spot. He went on to say that […]

Lightning Ridge, NSW Easter Weekend, Wheelie Bin Races and Goats?