Aboriginal Culture

There are a number of cultural, historical and ethical issues facing the contemporary Aboriginal community in Australia. Listed below are a few of the current debates. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Preservation of Language and Culture: Many Aboriginal communities and languages no longer exist due to genocide, disease and assimilation. Recent generations have pushed for bilingual education […]

Aboriginal Issues

It is unknown how many Aboriginal languages once existed. Some researchers estimate there were once more than 600 different Aboriginal languages in Australia. After colonization, years of oppression and the aging of native speakers, only about 150 remain, many of which are only spoken by a handful of elders. Recent movements have pressured for the introduction of Aboriginal language classes […]

Aboriginal Languages

Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia, much like Native Americans are the indigenous people of the USA and Inuits are the natives of Canada. The exact number of Aborigines is unknown, but current census reports estimate around 350,000 people, or 1.5% of Australians. Researchers believe Australian Aborigines migrated from Asia about 70,000 years ago. There were once 200,000 to […]

Who are the Aboriginal People?