Adelaide is known as Australia’s most liveable city, and because of that, it is also an easy one for travelers to visit and get to know better. It doesn’t take much for a visitor to get around, especially since it is also known as the 20 minute city. In other words: It’s not an overwhelming place to travel like Sydney […]

Things to Do in Adelaide

rain sydney opera house
Sydney, or Australia for that matter, is not the type of place where you expect rain… loads of rain. Unfortunately, this past year has been one of the wettest in decades, and that means any would-be traveler to Sydney may have to deal a little bit here and there with a drizzle or downpour. Just this last week, many Sydney […]

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Sydney

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Sydney is less of a big city and more of a conglomerate of suburbs that stretch for miles in any direction. This post is brought to you by Caroline Eubanks of Caroline in the City and features the Sydney suburb of Marrickville: Sydney’s Inner West is chock-full of great cafes. Each has its own distinct personality, like the people that […]

My Top 5 Marrickville Cafes

st kilda
The following is a lovely guest post from the lovely Christine Amorose, a fellow American Down Under and the blogger behind C’est Christine. If you’ve only got one day to spend in the beachy Melbourne suburb St Kilda, make it a Sunday: it’s when the locals come out to eat, drink and play. Breakfast at The Galleon: It’s been a […]

Perfect Sunday in St Kilda

kangaroo native australian animal
Australia has a number of features that make it a unique place to visit, and of course, you’ll want to see them all. However, that’s not always possible given your holiday time or your reason for visiting in the first place. Perhaps you have business in Sydney, but not enough time to get up to Queensland. Maybe you had just […]

Sydney Animal Parks: In Search of Native Wildlife in the ...

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Fewer people, a unique atmosphere, cosy set-up – what’s not to like about small bars? It has been a trend over the past couple years in Sydney towards the small bar, and they’ve been popping up left and right throughout the best parts of the city. Known for having unique themes and a secretive vibe (you might pass one up […]

Small Bars in Sydney

Freo makes for a popular stop on any trip to the Perth area of Australia because of its particular city flair and style. Visitors can immediately notice the unique vibe of this coastal port city from the ornate architecture that lines the streets. Small cafes and shops pop out of the little nooks and crannies of side streets, and good […]

Fremantle: A Stop for Historic Architecture & Cafe Culture

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Sometimes when you travel or move abroad, you just crave a bit of home. Lauren Fritsky, the American blogger behind, shares some of places in Sydney where Yanks like us can go to experience the things we love. Sydney’s pide, meat pies and kebabs are tasty. But, sometimes, you just want some chicken wings. Or grits. Or Sam Adams. […]

Finding American in Sydney