Poor Brissie is back where some say it belongs – as the butt of a joke. A recent book declared the city to be simultaneously boring and dangerous. The tongue-in-cheek book has some tourism officials once again defending against the boring moniker. I gotta be honest – I tend to agree with the book. Brisbane – dead boring or just […]

Brisbane – dead boring or just plain dead?

Well, Chrisso, today’s the day… and dammit if you didn’t let us have a Sound of Music farewell party [though the clowns surely sufficed?!], at least I deserve to paraphrase… Chrisso, Chrisso, Chrisso, you are but a star. You turned up in my world at a, er, fairly fragile time, and BANG, you, unknowingly helped me get back on me […]

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Boo Hoo…

I’m leaving the country in less than 24 hours and I’ve come to the realization that I have too much stuff. When I returned from the US just over a year ago I had one huge bag stuffed full and a backpack that was mostly empty. Now I’ve got the same huge bag stuffed even more full, a backpack that’s […]

Too Much Stuff

Awhile ago, Sean suggested that I left a present in the pipes of the BnA office. Well, I think I’ve outdone myself here at BnA Oz… Great big hole Watch your step What actually happened was my brother accidently hit the toilet pipe while he was jackhammering the concrete path. It had to be replaced by the white PVC pipe, […]

Pipe Dreams

Sunday was a perfect way to end a fairly quiet weekend. It started off with breakfast at the very civilised hour of 10am at Pandemonium Café in the very trendy suburb of Paddington. I was joined by Paul, Ging and Bronathon and, after a quiet start and a couple of excellent coffees we were off to the races – moving […]

Extreme Sunday

After two solid days of rain, the powers that be decided that our touch footy grand final would go ahead as planned. Driving out there I was alternately struggling to see out the windscreen of the car and being blinded by massive lightning strikes, one of which blew out about 100 metres worth of street lights on the freeway. Exciting […]

Touch Footy Grand Final