About Australia

skype video call
This travel guide gets quite a few hits from people searching how to call Australia from overseas, and we have that guide which works from standard phones and cell phones. But, did you know there’s an easier — and possibly cheaper — way to do it?! It’s called Skype, and if you aren’t on it yet, I highly recommend that […]

How to Call Australia from Overseas Using Skype

Sydney International Food Festival
Australia in October is one of my favorite times of year; everyone is getting used to the warmer weather and having more barbecues! October is middle of spring, and that means that all of those flowers are still blooming, and the temperatures are starting to heat up. The cities are not yet overflowing with tourists (beware of November), and planning […]

October in Australia

From myths and misconceptions to commonly mistaken facts, there are plenty of things you should know about Australia before taking your first trip. Here are some of the fun bits I’ve put together. According to The Simpsons, the toilets flush in the opposite direction in Australia because they are in the southern hemisphere. Call it naive, but the reasoning behind […]

Things You Should Know About Australia