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Tuffles Galore! Kirribilli and Cafe Luigi

dsc02385.JPG Want to eat brekkie with the Prime Minister? Kirribilli is the home of the Prime Minister’s Sydney residence and is a funky little suburb with massive views. Basically built underneath the Harbour bridge- it is a darling tree lined place with fantastic markets and many fabulous tiny little eateries. Get ready to get cozy with your neighbor.

Café’ Luigi is only one of the many places to eat, but a definite stand out. Their breakfast blew my sock off! Not literally I think I was wearing sandals- but you get my meaning. Their food was mouth-wateringly attractive as I walked by and was only considering whether to get breakfast in Kirribilli or head back home to Manly for a little Barking Frog action, when I came to a screeching halt and found myself already sitting in a chair.

Fresh juice- made with orange, pear, and mint- man- it was amazing and a perfect morning pick me up. The Truffle scramble was one of the most unique and delicious combination I have ever had. The ham and cheese omelette was a very gastronomically satisfying dish as well. A little on the expensive side but worth it. The coffee was smooth and strong- I give this place two forks up!!! 3 Broughton Street Kirribilli 9954 6015. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

How to Get there: Milson’s Point Train station- exit the Kirribilli side and turn right walk towards the harbour- it will be on a corner on your left.

Side note- there is a very good and reasonably priced Indian Restaurant directly under the bridge on the North Sydney side.