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Oz Survival Guide to Food- Pizza

sm0149a.jpg MMMMMMELT PIZZA! Yummm! The exception to the rule. (Gluten Free Pizza also Available!)
Pizza in Australia is generally pretty uninspiring to those of us from other corners of the globe. For starters they don’t really put sauce on their pizza, there isn’t much salt content, which while it isn’t that good for you, it is what makes pizza tasty. The crust isn’t amazing, and the toppings are generally just down right weird. That said, many people do manage to choke down the occasional big doughy piece late at night from those Kebab shops in Kings Cross….dodgy…..
Late night binging aside, the pizza thing has me, and most of my internationally born buddies, down right disgruntled.
UNTIL! Two weeks ago- I discovered Melt Pizza! Theirs is quite honestly probably the best pizza I have ever had- weird ingredients and all. That is a HUGE call to make coming from a native Chicagoan.
On the North Shore of Sydney in Neutral Bay, across from the notorious Oaks, their pizza is out of this world. Creative and absolutely delicious, they have been winning awards in Australia for years- but also just went to an international pizza competition in Las Vegas. While there, they managed to sweep up a Best Pizza Award with their Morrocan Lamb. Here are a few of their AMAZING pies on offer.

Pesto Scallops:
Fresh scallops, goats cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, shallots, sprinkled with pinenuts & wedge of lemon-MY FAVORITE
Moroccan Lamb:
Marinated lamb fillets, baby spinach, spanish onion, topped with homemade mint yoghurt and a wedge of lemon AWARD WINNER
White Prosciutto:
layers of finely sliced potato, prosciutto, gorgonzola blue cheese, rosemary, on a garlic base NEW – AWARD WINNER –
While these may sound bizarre to those of us used to Sausage and Cheese, they are stunningly delicious and pizza-like. Must be tasted to be believed. He did not win “Best Use of Cheese on a Pizza” for nothing.
Click here To see their menu- Or Call 02 9908 3344
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