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Little Portugal in Sydney, Petersham

dsc03647.JPGWould you believe there is a road in Sydney that leads straight to the heart of Lisbon- tiled murals, terrible road signs, bad drivers and all? I of course loved Portugal, however, those last two things do stick in my mind. Driving aside, the emphasis of our travels in Portugal? Food and Wine of course. So it is really no big surprise that Little Portugal, located in the Sydney suburb of Petersham, is highlighted by Restaurants, bakeries, butchers, grocery and bottle shops.
All of the eateries and shops are absolutely authentic. Portuguese- not Brazilian- is widely spoken, the furniture, decorations, sights and smells all transport you straight to Portugal. Some items to purchase/try while visiting Petersham:

  • Vino Verde– (Avelda is my favorite brand),
  • Lupini Beans– Portuguese Beer Nuts! The little yellow beans next to the olives in the shops. Crack open the skin with your teeth then squish the bean out to eat it. Delish!,
  • Olive oil,
  • Genuine Portuguese Butchers, they actually have really good prices in comparison to other places around town, bring a cooler
  • Bakery Items, and of course
  • The Restaurants. There are several. My two favorite are Glorias and Costa Do Sol. They both have downright amazing food. Try the Escadas (Skewers) at Costa Do Sol!
  • dsc03643.JPGPortuguese food tends to be very wholesome and homemade. If you are looking for high-end fusion or Australian-style food and coffee- this is not the place for you, but if you are looking for a cultural experience within the boundaries of Sydney, this is a gold mine. The Gourmet Food Safari’s even host a walking tour of the area!
    Portuguese tarts or Pasties de Belem, as I’ve been told they are called, are hugely popular all over Australia. I would be so bold as to say the absolute best ones are here. Try them with a Portuguese style coffee for a perfect pick-me-up.
    It was interesting- during the World Cup– the shops were flying flags and so many people were driving up and down the roads waving their national colors. There is definitely a stong community spirit.
    dsc03634.JPGJust 2 streets long, it is not far from the Petersham Train Station. If you are up for a big adventure, the Little Italy neighborhood of Leichardt is not too far. bit of a Trek but walking distance.
    Also Check out Gourmet Food Safaris.