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How to Select and Prepare Australian Seafood. Know what you are ordering with help from the Sydney Seafood School

dsc00061.JPGDo you know what a Balmain Bug is? Chances are you’ve read about it in your guide book on the plane ride over. No trip to Sydney is complete without trying some of the fantastic seafood on offer. If you are like me- I am completely overwhelmed when it comes to ordering seafood, knowing if it is prepared properly, and not to mention- knowing how to prepare it is a complete mystery to me. So while visiting Down Under, why not learn a new skill! If you are moving to Australia, knowing how to choose and prepare seafood will be an invaluable tool.
The Sydney Fish market is a major stop for most tourists and locals alike. There are tours of the trading floor and so many things to see. The variety of fresh fish and seafood on offer is dizzying and a little overwhelming if it is your first visit. There are many different shops and restaurants. When you go there- allow yourself plenty of time to wander around and really get a good look at all of the amazing dishes that are being served. If you see someone eating a dish that looks tantalizing, don’t be afraid to ask what it is and which booth they got it at. Most diners have had a similar experience and are more than happy to help you out. Grab a bottle of white from the on-site bottle shop, find a place to sit in the sun and feast away! You will also see some of the biggest Pelicans alive!
Now onto the school. If you are like me- and have no idea what to order let alone how to properly prepare it once you get home-fear not! There is a Seafood School attached to the Markets. Evenings for dinner time, weekends and the occasional lunch time, you can add to your skill set while on vacation. Learn how to pick, prepare and cook some truly amazing seafood. Classes feature, BBQ, Thai, Italian, French, Spanish Paella, Japanese, and Mediterranean techniques among many others. The classes are a great value- the prices include tuition, parking, a recipe kit, and best of all- you get to eat the seafood feast that you have learned to prepare.
The Fish markets are one of the stops on the Sydney Red bus tour, and are quite easy to get to on public transport if you are not driving. Throw another Shrimp on the Barbie!
Bookings essential. Click the link or phone 02 9004 1111