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Art and Schnapps at the Arthouse Hotel in Sydney

spalding_small_email1.jpgLate last week I received an invitation to the Spalding exhibit opening at the Arthouse Hotel at 275 Pitt Street. While the invitation looked appealing, I was puzzled how they had gotten ahold of my name and address. Upon closer inspection, I noticed in very small print. A HUGE grin came to my face and I remembered a completely enjoyable and slightly tipsy afternoon in the Snowy Mountains spent at the gorgeous Wild Brumby Schnappery.
After this discovery, I HAD to go and see if it was the very talented Schnappery owner and stillmaster Brad Spalding and his wife Monkia that I had met a few months before. I was enthusiastically greeted at the door, it was in fact, the entreprneurial couple that I had previously met and sampled their delicious wares. Their Mango Schnapps is a MUST try. It is like liquid mango’s…but better. Actually all their schnapps is absolutely delicious. (I think they have the Chili and Sour Apple on exhibit with the art at the moment) They can ship directly to your door.
The Arthouse Hotel is a great venue, beautifully detailed soaring ceilings, music, a gorgeous old timber bar, and fantastic conversation space that allows the viewing of the disply at hand. They have an extensive listing of events ranging from films to special dinners in their Dome Restaurant, to support for Earth Hour, to a complimentary bottle of wine special.
The Spalding exhibit is a cheerful collection of snow field/Snowy Mountain inspired themes from his time as a ski instructor and his life in the snowy mountains. Running until 14 April on the ground floor of the Arthouse Hotel.