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Adelaide, Wine Bar and Tapas, The Apothecary

dsc03846.JPGMajor find! Tapas, Wine bar, and a super posh yet not expensive restaurant upstairs. I originally just stopped in for a glass of wine and was planning to go elsewhere for dinner. That plan went all wonderfully pear shaped (Aussie for “did not come to fruition” ). Thank goodness for that I might have missed some of the most amazing flavours I have ever encountered. The staff was extremely helpful in answering questions about food allergy friendly options.
Located in an old shop front, the owner has lovingly and painstakingly restored an antique apothecary service into a beautiful dark wood bar. The front has wrought iron furniture and little tables that make you think of an old time soda fountain. The center piece of the room, is of course, the bar itself which hosts the splendid array of fresh tapas.
Down the stairs is a cigar-room-feeling lounge that any inner city socialite would be proud to be found frequenting. Leather chairs and sofas, brick industrial walls and just the right mood lighting. I can only imagine a few romantic interludes must occur there nightly. It is perfect for looking deep into their eyes….

Upstairs is a lush rich red velvet décor dining room. The food is based on the principles of home cooking, and the service in the entire place is meant to make you feel like a welcome guest rather than just someone at a bar.
Abdicating to the Staffs knowledge, I simply asked what local wine they thought I should start with and continue with….. A few large glasses later I was suffering from the most heavenly food hangover. On the Tapas front- you can order a mixed plate or individual orders. All of the boutique cheese type dishes were equally gorgeous. You absolutely HAVE to try the green olives. Non negotiable. I fear my life may never be the same without more of those olives. Not for the faint of heart.
dsc03831.JPGAverage wine bar prices. I think for two people who ate and drank themselves into oblivion over 6 hours, the bill only came to around $120. If you are on a budget, you obviously don’t have to be such gluttons. A gourmet experience without gourmet prices. They do a high tea at 4:00 pm Saturdays, and specialty tasting nights. You can sign up to be on their newsletter.
08 8212 9099 118 Hindley Street Adelaide. Reservations recommended.
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