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Iconic Aussie Food: Violet Crumbles & Crunchies

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crunchiesWhy these aren’t marketed back home in America, I do not know. Violet Crumbles and Crunchies have become one of my favorite types of Aussie chocolate bars, and here’s why:

These are both made of crispy, honeycomb-like centers that are coated in chocolate. YUM.

Let me reiterate the word crispy and not crumbly. I’ve learned through my boyfriend’s love of chocolate machines (he can’t resist them) that getting a Crunchie bar that kind of crumbles when you push on it is old and no longer up to standards. In fact, I actually remember one being dropped from a crane to the deposit box. It was to be my first Crunchie ever, but it was quickly snatched up by my boyfriend who inspected it and tossed it in the trash. He told me that having one that’s not right is not going to be good for my first Crunchie experience.

Perhaps that made them even better when I actually had one for the first time?

violet crumbleCrunchies and Violet Crumbles are pretty much the same besides being produced by different companies. The Violet Crumble is produced by Nestle, while the Crunchie is produced by Cadbury, so the difference really falls on the type of chocolate you prefer.

You can find Violet Crumbles packaged in a purple wrapper (hence the violet name) with yellow lettering, while the Crunchie has similar characteristics with a yellow wrapper with purple edges.

What I also really enjoy are the Crunchie-related items, such as Crunchie flavored gelato, ice cream bars and cheesecake (I’m drooling as I’m typing this).

Final thoughts: you must try a Crunchie or Violet Crumble when you get to Australia.

Photo credit: crunchie, violet crumble.