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Iconic Aussie Food: Milo

This post is part of an ongoing series on iconic Aussie food. Be sure to check back for more food adventures, or subscribe to my RSS feed to receive updates automatically to your reader.

milo powderOkay, so Milo is more of a beverage, but you can technically use it in place of breakfast if you’re running late, which is why I’m counting Milo as an iconic Aussie food.

Milo is a malted barley and chocolate powder that you can mix with milk, either hot or cold. It contains a number of vitamins and nutrients so it really is more of a healthy snack for kids and adults (I’m a fan!). The malted barley is supposed to be a good source of energy. Also, having it with milk gives you a good shot of protein.

Milo comes in a green canister that seals sort of like a can of paint. You generally have to use your spoon to leverage it open, which makes it feel all old and authentic. The label will generally depict some sort of sport since it is used to promote healthy living in children in Australia.

Mixing Milo is always the interesting part as in the cold mix it tends to leave chunky bits at the top that never quite blend away. Some people like to use hot water or milk, and that helps to make a smoother drink.

milo cansApart from drinking Milo, the powder can be used as a topping for ice creams and yogurts. There are now cereals and cereal bars that have been created with the malty base.

Milo is sold in other parts of the world, even Canada and the USA, yet the versions may include a sweeter taste or a pre-made beverage. You might find it interesting to know that Milo is marketed as an energy drink in some parts of the world, and it is known to be a part of the Malaysian cuisine as a spread for bread or roti.

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