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North Americans Feeling Homesick – Head to the Hard Rock Cafe in the Gold Coast

hot wingsOne of the things that really gets me personally when I travel is the lack of comfort foods – foods that taste like home. This is actually a slight problem even in Australia where life is obviously a little different. I can rant all I want about burgers having beetroot on them (huh?) and there not being good Mexican food, but I rediscovered something lovely while visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in the Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise to be exact) that made all my homesickness go away: hot wings.

Oh, and not just hot wings, but something even more spectacular: hot wings with blue cheese dipping sauce. Wow, have I missed these or what?! The blue cheese dips, like ranch dressing, are not utilized to their full potential in Australia. I know that they are not healthy dips, so I should technically be happy about that fact, but hot wings… you can’t have them without one or the other. Life would shift off-balance and we’d slide off the planet into the abyss of the universe.

So, it goes without saying that my first bite into the combination (after a couple of years without having them) was a-ma-zing. It’s what you would call “finger licking good”.

Cheers, Hard Rock Cafe, for carrying some of those awesome food stuffs I love. I mean, really, I’m American, and it’s hard to imagine a life where pubs aren’t offering these at the bucket loads to patrons.

Besides hot wings, Hard Rock Cafe dishes up the usual from burgers to barbecued chicken, plenty of beer and healthy dose of rock paraphernalia. If you’re in the Gold Coast, I recommend a stop to anyone, especially the North Americans feeling homesick.

Why the Gold Coast? Well, it turns out that the Hard Rock Cafe in Surfers Paradise is the ONLY one in the entire country of Australia! I also just found out that there will be a second one opening in Sydney later in 2011.

Check it out: on the corner of Cavill Ave. and Surfers Paradise Blvd.

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