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Indulge in Coffee World at the Coffee Works

coffee world delicious detourThe sign said it was “the most delicious detour on the planet.” Those seemed like big words, but after rounding the corner to get inside the Coffee Works building, my senses were immediately attacked by the smells of hazelnut coffee beans and toasting sandwiches. Buckets of coffee sat at the table where we were told of our options for visiting, permeating the air, and further enticing us to enter.

As a guest at Coffee Works in Mareeba, you can either head to the cafe, or get the VIP treatment. The VIP treatment involves full access to the premises for only $19.

What does full access include? It includes unlimited access to the tasting room, a tour of the Coffee World museum, a peek at the roasting area, as well as a $5 voucher to use in any coffee purchase. But, not to be undersold is the tasting room, where 12 different chocolates, various coffee liqueurs, 4 different teas and, oh, about 21 different coffees can be sampled until you feel as though you’d burst. The variety itself is worth the fee.

When someone gives me the option for unlimited access to a room full of chocolate and coffee, it is hard to choose otherwise. So, I got the VIP treatment, received my tasting cup, and headed to the fun room to start. At first, I went a bit crazy trying to taste as much in as little time possible, but after the excitement settled, I got a nice cup of java, a few bits of chocolate and headed to the lounge area to enjoy the experience while relaxing.

coffee tasting room
The Coffee Tasting Room

At some point the caffeine is going to make you antsy, which was a good time in my mind to explore Coffee World, the largest museum of coffee paraphernalia to date. You’ll be taken back in time to see how coffee has evolved to the common treat that it is today. Be sure to pick up the free audio guide before setting off as each item in the museum, more than 2000 pieces, has a number you can type in and receive a spoken description.

vatican condemns coffeeThe gift shop is just as exciting as the tasting room, featuring both the coffee and chocolates in addition to a wide selection of gifts from clothing to jewelry. And, if you’ve had your fill of the sweet stuff, there’s always the cafe to fix you up a savory lunch before heading back on the road!

Coffee Works
136 Mason St
Mareeba, Qld 4880
Open Daily 9 am to 4 pm

Make Coffee Works a stop on your next trip through the Atherton Tablelands.