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Sydney Opera House- 10 Days on Earth

ronnieburkett2.jpgThere are so many good things going on at the Sydney Opera House, it is hard to highlight just a few. One such event is entitled 10 Days on Earth by Ronnie Burkett. Mr. Burkett is touted as the world’s master of marionettes, and, according to critics, manages to ignite adult imaginations with puppet theatre which pulls at the heart strings. Acclaimed from London to New York and the hit of two Melbourne International Arts Festivals, Burkett finally makes his Sydney debut at The Playhouse of the Sydney Opera House.
The Story? A middle-aged man with an intellectual disability lives with his mother. When she dies in her sleep, he does not realise she is gone and carries on living in a twilight world between bedtime stories and dawning realities. Confronting our very own yearnings for home, family and maternal love, this simply beautiful production asks… If you were alone, but didn’t know it, would you feel lonely? The actors may be no more than two feet tall, but this is theatre which reaches up and grabs audiences with the emotional power of any acting giant.
10 Days on Earth
15 February – 3 March
Sydney Opera House
Venue: Playhouse