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11 Adrenaline Junky Activities in Australia

If you’re the type of person that associates a good holiday with taking it to the extreme, then Australia has you covered. There are more things to spin you around, make your heart race or just plain get the adrenaline pumping down under than I can count. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, new or experienced, one these activities should be able to soothe your adrenaline junky needs during your trip to Oz.


One of the most popular excursions for travelers in Australia would be throwing themselves out of an airplane. Yes, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hurling towards Earth with nothing to protect you except for the parachute that will hopefully open from your back. The minimum age for skydiving in Australia is 14, and there is definitely no shortage of companies to assist you.

>> Skydiving is exceptionally popular in Cairns

Shark Diving

There’s a chance you could run into a shark while doing a dive out in the deep blue, but if you’re looking for a more confined opportunity then it’s the sharks in the local aquarium you could be swimming with. Imagine jumping in to an enclosed tank while these creatures gracefully swim past you, and if you’re lucky, feast upon some prime grub. It’s possible in Australia!

>>Check out the Oceanworld Manly for Shark Diving

Deep Sea Fishing

Does the thought of spending hours reeling in a catch larger than you on the open sea sound enticing? Deep sea fishing is an option for the angler seeking the fish of their lives. Try the areas around Darwin and Perth in order to catch tuna, golden snapper and black jewfish. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a shark!

Theme Parks

There’s not very many of them in Australia considering its size, but if you’re in the right area then visiting a theme park can result in enough thrills and chills to please your inner adrenaline junky… at least for a little while. Dreamworld, for example, located in the Gold Coast has plenty of rides to spin you, drop you and throw you until your heart’s content.

>> Read more about Dreamworld on their website

Bungy Jumping

Just like skydiving, bungy jumping is yet another thrilling activity quite popular in Australia. If you don’t like the idea of falling from the sky without being connected to anything, then this is probably the adrenaline activity for you. Bungy locations are available all over Australia, but the oldest one is located in the Gold Coast. There, you can drop for 14 stories right outside Surfers Paradise.

>> Learn more about Bungy Australia in the Gold Coast


Probably a lot easier than climbing up, abseiling still tests your mental strength, especially when you’re looking down the side of a steep cliff. Abseiling seems to be available almost all around the country wherever there are mountains, such as in Katoomba (the Blue Mountains), Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and more.

White Water Rafting

The tropical north is an excellent spot to hit up some white water rafting in beautiful scenery, but other locations are available. Choose from full day adventures, or go for more. Depending on experience and adventure desired, there are also different levels of rapids to suit your needs.

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Hang Gliding

If it takes place outdoors, Australia probably offers it. Imagine taking part in a tandem hang glide with brilliant views of an Australian beach and surrounding ocean.

Swimming With Whale Sharks

Western Australia is a popular place for those that wish to swim with whale sharks. Being the size of a whale, but actually a shark, you know this one will get the adrenaline going. The good thing is that even though you see their large mouths coming your way, you at least know they don’t have teeth like a normal shark either.


Zorbing is probably one of the weirdest things you can do in your time down under. Jumping into a plastic ball that is pumped with a bit of water and then pushed down a hill? Yeah, try doing that with a few of your friends trapped inside as well!

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Swimming With Crocs

In Australia, you can easily find yourself face to face with a crocodile if you jump into swimming holes without taking note of signs and warnings in the area. No one in their right mind would fancy an adventure quite like that, but there is another way to swim with crocs in a more secure environment. As mentioned in my Things to Do in Darwin article, the Crocosaurus Cove animal park lets you jump right into a pool of crocs. It’s actually called the Cage of Death.

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