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Vivid Sydney, On Right Now

Vivid Sydney takes place from May 27 to June 13, 2011.

vivid sydney opera houseVivid Sydney is one of my favorite events of the year, and if you’re here to enjoy it (it starts tonight!), you’ll understand why. Although this festival is a mix of different features like art and music, it’s the lights that really make it something special.

Take the Lighting of the Sails, for example. This event of light art makes the already iconic Sydney Opera House pop with color as light artists create a truly unique spectacle. With lights turning on at 6pm every night for the festival, a fun and funky tone is set for Sydney.

Other light features include light sculptures and Fire Dance. Around Circular Quay, about 40 different light installments will provide for night photography buffs a place to practice, and for the public a place to interact in a mesmerizing exhibit. Fire Dance will take place in Campbell Cove in the Rocks and provide an exhilarating show of fire flames that are choreographed to music, shooting high into the night sky. To see a full list of features, see here >>

Musical acts will take place at the Sydney Opera House from tonight until June 5th and include such performers as The Cure, Bat For Lashes, Yo Gabba Gabba and Chris Cunningham. To see a full list of acts, see here >>

And, on top of music and light, we have ideas, which is just as much a part of Vivid Sydney as the others. During the festival, there will be talks, exhibitions and presentations from those that create, especially in the realm of technology and innovation. To learn more, see here >>

Vivid Sydney is one of the best festivals, in my opinion, in Sydney — so get out there and enjoy it for me. This will be the first year since I arrived that I won’t be around while it’s happening!

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