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Would you marry me ?

sydney-beachAny girl’s dream is to be a bride. And with the same dream comes the vision of the perfect proposal. And since you know her needs very well, you have at least a general idea of what she pictures for that moment.

So, if your plans for this year include asking your sweetheart’s hand in marriage, then you probably already started researching the perfect destinations for a proposal . There are many romantic places throughout the world where you can plan a very romantic vacation and pop the question in a perfect setting. But choosing the right one for you depends on what your sweetheart likes and how creative you want to be.

Sydney is definitely a romantic destination although the hustle and bustle of the metropolis might not be appealing to all. However, if you look carefully there are secluded beaches where you can propose to your loved one with only the sun, send and sunset as witnesses.

Searching among the many Australia vacation packages you’ll surely find something romantic and interesting to suit your needs. These are particularly useful when you don’t want to worry much about the travel planning and if the idea of being pampered in a high end resort appeals to you.

But if you are the do-it-yourself type, then you can surely book the cheap tickets to Australia on your own and then look for classy cheap hotels in Sydney . Saving money on both the flight and accommodation, will allow for some splurges when it comes to surprising your sweetheart. Rent a boat (or a plane) and head to secluded beach where you can have a romantic picnic and enjoy a beautiful day (and night) together. If both of you are the adventurous type, you can plan to climb the Harbour Bridge together.

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