Beaches of Sydney

In Sydney, it’s beach season year-round. Even if the locals shy away from lying out in the sand, you can almost always find a few surfers out trying to catch the best waves before work, or couples strolling down along the water’s edge. There are a number of popular beaches within an hour of Sydney. Be forewarned: despite the fact they are close together, the beaches around Sydney each have their own special ‘feel’.

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Bondi Beach: The hot spot stop on the trail of Sydney beaches, Bondi Beach lies east of the city. The area packs in tourists, beautiful people, shoppers and backpackers no more so than on Christmas Day, when thousands of revelers participate in a massive drink-eat-swim holiday party. The result? A lot of lifeguard rescues. Locals tend to avoid this beach – head south to Bronte Beach instead.

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Bronte Beach: Within a good walking distance from Bondi Beach, yet considerably less trafficked and host to more natives than tourists, Bronte Beach is smaller than its famous neighbor. With ocean pools and easy access via public transportation, it’s worth considering if all the Bondi beach beauties get to be too much.




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Coogee Beach: Coogee lies south of the aforementioned beaches. By day, it’s the host to a number of rocking University of New South Wales students skipping class. By night, such notable establishments as the Coogee Bay Hotel bring ’em back and ensure that they’ll be spending the next day in the sun with a hangover. A number of hotels and apartments surround the area and can leave beach-goers with a crowed, surrounded-by-voyeurs feel.

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Manly Beach: To the north of the city is the surf beach that threatens Bondi’s number one ranking. Manly Beach can be reached via ferry from Circle Quay and its promenade packs in a frighteningly large number of surf shops. Helpful hint? To save a few bucks on gear, go to the shops just off the waterfront and the main strip. The beach is a great place to learn how to surf.

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Collaroy Beach/Curl Curl/ Dee Why: These northern beaches are just above Manly, but many tourists don’t make it here. If you’re a die-hard surfer, however, this is the place to be.

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Let’s not forget the nude beaches near Sydney for those adventurous souls.

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