Microbreweries in WA

After hearing from Barrie in Bali that Western Australia had several microbreweries, naturally I was quite keen to check them out and see how they compared to Oregon’s finest.

Tonight, my sister took me down to Fremantle for a Perth Festival function, and afterwards we went looking for a beer. We stopped in at Little Creatures and I was immediately impressed by this place. They have three beers to choose from and I was given a taster of each so I could make my choice. The Pale Ale was quite flowery and sweet and good for about a pint before I’d get sick of it. I chose the Amber Ale as it was probably closest to what I was used to drinking in Oregon. Very tasty it was too.

But it was the venue itself that was impressive. Very industrial looking with a lot of chrome, steel, and chain link fencing. Kind of like those nightclubs you see in the movies with girls dancing in cages and everyone wears black. Except the music wasn’t too loud, the lighting was bright and there was artwork behind the fences instead of the girls. The staff were very friendly and they have a restaurant and outdoor area that opens right onto the water. I’m sure it goes off in summer.




Next stop on the agenda was the Sail and Anchor. These guys seems to have the microbrewery scene figured out. Make some good beer, give it kooky names (Brass Monkey Stout, Ironbrew Strong Ale, Dogbolter Special Dark Lager) to attract attention and design some hip labels to go with it. This attracted plenty of younger folks out to the pub on a cold and wet Wednesday night. I tasted the Brass Monkey Stout and will certainly try a full pint sometime soon. I settled on the Ironbrew and it lives up to it’s name. 7% alcohol and a strong taste – too many of those and you’ll have a jackhammer in your head the next day.

Overall, my early foray into WA’s microbrewery scene was very encouraging. Hopefully I’ll be able to get these beers, or something similar, in BrisVegas.

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