Canberra commute shortest in nation

Canberrans spend much less time behind the wheel travelling to and from work than other Australians, spending an average of 30 minutes commuting each day.

A Canberra Times report says a new Australia Institute report Off to Work: Commuting in Australia, published on Thursday, found Canberrans spent two hours and 29 minutes a week commuting, the least of any capital city and more than an hour less than Adelaide, which was next best.




From Canberra commute shortest in nation

Sydneysiders face commute times that are twice as long as their southern neighbors – not surprising, given the high population in Sydney’s CBD. However, I expected Perth and Darwin to be up on the ‘short commute’ as well – perhaps people live further away from their jobs in the cities and have long drive times that way? It certainly wouldn’t be because of traffic going to the suburbs (when compared with Melbourne and Sydney)

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