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Bucket List Item 1: Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney-octoberMany of us have lists written to organize our lives. Between the omnipresent grocery list and the always-too-long to do list there’s room for one more: the bucket list. It contains things we want to do during our lives. I’m not sure about you but walking or climbing famous bridges is on my list. In fact, I’ve already visited some of them and my numerous photos are proof of that.

How about putting Sydney Harbour Bridge on your bucket list? It is probably the most famous bridge you can climb or walk on. The dramatic views of the harbor and the possibility to book a night climbing tour are enough to make you want to come to Sydney.

If your budget doesn’t exactly allow for splurges, then start by looking for cheap tickets to Australia . Especially during spring and autumn (exactly opposite than what you know them to be in the Northern Hemisphere), the airfare is cheaper and if you book in advance there’s the possibility to save even more. Also, don’t forget to check the Qantas deals available. At any given time they’ve got some sort of a sale going on and you are guaranteed to save money and even add cities to your itinerary without paying anything extra.

When you’ve got the flight secured, make sure to look for accommodation. Hostels in Sydney are affordable and a fun way to spend several days in the city. And of course, they are not just for the partying youngsters – but do remember to check the reviews before you book a bed because you probably don’t want to end up in a party hostel (or do you?)

It’s time now to plan some of the things to do in the city. Sydney is large and there are plenty of things to explore. You can catch the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay for some fantastic views of the opera and the bridge. Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens when you fancy a day in nature.

But regardless of what you plan to do in Sydney bring lots of memory cards for you camera because you will surely need them!